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Niggling aches and pains?  Stiff neck or headache from staring at the screen all day?  Pain in your back from poor posture or other "misalignment"?  Fit and healthy but with discomfort that you've had for ever and want to get looked at "at some point"?

Or do you have a more serious pain that stops you from doing things you want to do?  - It could be a sports injury, back pain, or perhaps a repetitive strain as a musician or other trade.  You might even be recovering from an operation, and wanting to get back to 100% as quickly as possible.

Or are you preparing for an event, and wanting to ensure you are in tip-top shape and recovering quickly from training sessions - so you can train harder?

Perhaps none of that, and you're just after a nice, relaxing massage at the end of a long day?

A Clinical Massage Therapist can help with these.  It is important to find the right therapist for you.  If you are looking for someone who is trained to assess your needs, to provide a variety of appropriate soft tissue treatments, and to offer effective self-maintenance advice, then please get in touch .