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Treatment will vary depending on client needs, every body is different.  Perhaps one of the following broad approaches, or a combination of these, would suit you:

Stiffness / Tightness:

If you feel tightness in certain areas, we will review the potential causes - exercise routines, posture, previous injuries, and so on.  For example, a stiff neck may be the result of craning forwards to stare at a computer screen, likewise back pain.  We will then focus on helping tight muscles to release and rebalance, and on freeing up the connective tissue around them, where this may be holding them in a stuck position.  We  may incorporate some specific stretches as we loosen the area.


For specific injuries, we will review the cause of injury, and assess its current condition.  It may be the result of a one-off trauma, or of ongoing repetitive strain, or we may be facilitating post-operative recovery.  Often injury has led to muscle fibres remaining stuck together even after healing.   We will try to stabilise the injury if necessary, work gently around it to ensure the surrounding muscles and connective tissue are free and mobile, and explore the injury directly if needed, to facilitate recovery.


If you are practising or training regularly, perhaps working towards an event or performance, injury or tightness can interfere with your regime.  Some simple massage and stretching techniques can help you with safer training; a pre-event MOT can ensure you are in tip-top condition; while post-training massage can massively aid recovery time so you are ready to go again as quickly as possible.


For pure relaxation, we will work gently and slowly, using massage lotion under towels.  We will press a little more deeply where/if the body would like this, and spend a little time here, helping muscles release and flush out any waste products being held in the tissues.  In Home Studio we may light some candles to help bring you into a relaxed state.

Whatever your needs and goals, we will work together in a way that helps you meet these.  For tightness and injury, a very general guide is up to three sessions for sensing a clear, significnat change, and up to six sessions for resolution.  Of course this is only a guide and the number of sessions depends on the nature of the issue, your physiological responsiveness to treatment, and what happens in between sessions,.

Treatment takes place on a professional massage couch both in clinic and in studios.  Sessions last 55 or 60 minutes beginning to end.   Shorter or longer sessions can be discussed depending on availability and need.
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